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Essential Oils Contain The Pure And True Essence Of Mother Natures Pharmacy. Essential Oil Fusions Can Influence State Of Mind and Sense Of Balance. As The Essential Oils Are Released Into The Shower Vapors Relax And Enjoy The Therapeutic Benefits Of Essential Oil Shower Steamers®

Shower Steamers® are approximately 1 oz /1.5 inch Round Natural Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Calcium Sulfate, Witch Hazel and Essential Oil Shaped Flat Topped Balls.

Anatomy Of A Shower Steamer®
Start Shower
Step Back And Observe Water Pattern
Identify An Area Where The Water Will Lightly Splash, But Not Drench The Shower Steamer®
The Sweet Spot
Unwrap The Foil From The Shower Steamer®
Place Unwrapped Shower Steamer® In
The Sweet Spot
Undress Carefully In Anticipation Of The Moment When Everything Makes Scents As The Shower Steamer® Releases It's Oils Into The Shower Vapor
Place Carefully And Your Shower Steamers® Will Last Several Showers

Essential Oil Shower Steamers®